Stumptown Game Summit to Borrow GeekDad Jonathan Liu's Library

Local GeekDad writer Jonathan Liu is teaming up with Stumptown Game Summit and sharing part of his extensive board game collection with us. With over 1200+ games available in his personal library, Jonathan’s generosity is sure to give SGS attendees a lot of options to play.

GeekDad is a parenting, technology, and culture blog staffed by a diverse team of contributors, working together to inform, educate, and entertain parents everywhere who have a geeky nature and want to raise their kids the same way. Jonathan Liu is the Senior Editor of GeekDad and has been writing about games, books, and parenting for 10 years. He's a stay-at-home dad with 3 kids, and loves sharing his passion for board games. Since moving back to Portland in 2011, he has hosted hundreds of game nights and written hundreds of game reviews. Jonathan also has the dubious distinction of being the designer of Emperor's New Clothes.

We asked Jonathan some questions about his gaming life, because it’s important to talk to someone before you borrow several hundred of their games ;)

Tiffany: How much time do you spend every day thinking about games?
Jonathan: All of it? Well, maybe not exactly—I do spend a good amount of brain power doing things like making sure I know where all 3 kids are and who needs to be picked up when, and making sure we're all fed and have clothes to wear, stuff like that. But outside of that, I basically have two hobbies: reading and playing games. So ... maybe a couple hours a day thinking about games, if I'm not actively playing them.

Tiffany: Your kids must be quite the gamers! Or are they so over gaming? I hope its the former!
Jonathan: My 15-year-old is more of a social gamer. She'll play games occasionally, but mostly if she's interested in hanging out with the other gamers. My 12-year-old will play with anyone, as long as she gets to play a game. And my 5-year-old has grown up with games, so she's going to be a total shark soon.

Tiffany: What's your idea of a perfect Game Night?
Jonathan: I'm pretty laid back: if I can get 4 people at the table, that's a great number for the vast majority of games I want to play, and I love having players who are just open to trying anything. I will confess to wanting to get through a lot of games—I do enjoy being social and chatting, but not at the expense of moving the game along, because I like being able to play several games in one night. I also really like teaching games, though, so being in the middle of several tables and helping people figure out rules for 4 different ongoing games at the same time is also a lot of fun for me ... but when it comes down to it, I just want to sit down and play!


Sitting down and playing is what we want too! That’s why we’re so stoked to have Jonathan (and his games) join us this May!