Designers Alley Schedule for #SGS19

Here is our finalized designer schedule for #SGS19. make sure to check out their past features by clicking on their names! A big thank you to our Designer Alley Sponsors Mox Boarding House and Funagain Games for helping make this possible.


10am Tony Miller Fire in the Library

12pm Tim Eisner Tidal Blades

2pm Elle Kelsheimer and Mike Caputo Grimmsdorf

4pm Victoria Caña and Alexandre Uboldi Gladius


10am Michael and Jason O’Connell Red Spiral

12am Beau Johnson Gem Cataclysm

2pm Levi Mote Gnommander-in-Chief

4pm Elizabeth Hargrave Tussie-Mussie


10am Dawson Cowals Ratfink: Scurry and Scamper

12pm Wing Alster and Kari Stocks Potions & Puppies

2pm Matt Jacobs XO & Stollis

4pm Robert Newton Skeleton Keys

Designers Alley Sponsors


Funagain Games -

Funagain Games is a facilitator for crowd-funding on Kickstarter and the leading provider of global fulfillment services for hundreds of campaigns both large and small.  Funagain was also the first to start selling boardgames online in 1996 and for 23+ years has imported games from the Essen Spieltage Festival and Asia through its “Essen Mule Service” which is being expanded this year through a partnership with BGG and Pax-Unplugged.  With publisher clients from around the US and world, Funagain also has developed a direct to consumer distribution model for both premium and liquidation games for its hundreds of publisher clients.


Mox Boarding House -

Created with the gaming community in mind, Mox Boarding House is a game store and restaurant that offers a unique experience you'll never forget! Visit our award-winning game stores in Seattle and Bellevue, WA – and coming soon to Portland, OR!