Levi Mote

Today we are featuring Levi Mote Designer of Horizons. Former head game developer at Daily Magic Games. Levi has been designing games since 2010. He dreams of exploring space some day. Levi is a wonderful human who resides in Oregon and is joining us in Designer Alley!


  • I have resided in every state on the US West Coast

  • I can’t handle things near eyeballs, mine or other peoples!

  • I have been blessed enough to see 46 autumns on this beautiful blue space marble so far

Questions by Kimberly Revia (KR), answers by Levi Mote (LM).


KR: When did you first enter the world of hobby gaming?

LM: I was 14 when I played Champions, the Super-Hero RPG, for the first time – after that, I was hooked on RPGs. When I was 20, a friend of mine introduced me to Cheap Ass Games’ Kill Doctor Lucky that he’d bought from the back of a magazine. I bought Betrayal at House on the Hill at my local Warhammer 40kstore a couple years later and haven’t stopped loving hobby board games since.

KR: What challenges were you surprised to find in designing?

LM: I am always surprised by the number of cards I must sleeve and unsleeve as well as the sheer volume of my time spent staring at spreadsheets.

KR: When you focus in on a design, do you find it easier to work alone or in a group?

LM: I need a good mix of both. Not to dodge the question, but there are times in the design process where I need to say everything I am imagining out loud to a human and others where any distraction will completely derail me for the day.


KR: What does an ideal relaxing weekend look like for you?

LM: I love playtesting Thursday nights, D&D Fridays, Movie Matinee followed by extended family dinner Saturdays, and Sundays all day in bed with my Love. My favorite place to relax is in a big soaking tub. Even better If that tub is near a body of water.

KR: If you could create a magical hybrid animal what would you create?

LM: Fire breathing Lion-Dog – I want an Arcanine!!

KR: What is it that you enjoy most about playing board games?

LM: Gathering with friends, making friends, immersing myself in the experience.

You can follow me on Twitter @levimote as the Games Master for Creator’s Companion Publishing, and you can keep up with all we’re doing there on Twitter @CreatorsPress, @CreatorsEditng, and our website www.creatorscompanion.com